CONFERENCE DAY 1 | Tuesday, September 12

DMPK, Dosage, Bioavailability

7:00 am Registration Opens & Coffee

Lost in Translation: Overcoming the Barriers of in-vitro & in-vivo Action of Cannabinoid- Derived Drugs to Improve Efficacy

8:00 am Meaningful in vitro Data on Cannabinoids: Providing Value to Clinical Study Design


  • What is physiological and what’s not in cannabinoid research?
  • Discussing the gap between a therapeutic dose and a toxic dose in-vitro
  • Understanding the value of standardizing tissue culture assays for cannabinoids

8:30 am Designing Animal Models for Assessing Safety, Tolerability & Efficacy of Cannabinoids in Neurological Diseases

  • Mark Kindy Professor, University of South Florida


  • Exploring appropriate animal models for drug testing
  • Testing of efficacy in animal models in neurological disease areas
  • Understanding the translational impact of animal model testing

9:00 am Rethinking the Approach to Advancing Cannabinoid-Based Drug Development: A Case Study of Musculoskeletal Pain & Inflammation


  • Optimizing cannabinoid-based formulations for topical application
  • Challenges with current preclinical models and their translation to human experience
  • Using AI and observational data to determine the preclinical pathway

9:30 am Speed Networking


This session is the ideal opportunity to take advantage of face-to-face networking time and understand who is also prioritizing and overcoming challenges within cannabinoidderived drug development.

10:00 am Morning Break & Networking


Grab a coffee and buckle up for the next set of morning presentations. This networking session provides a unique offering of group activities to stimulate creativity, foster productivity and enable discussions amongst cannabinoid experts.

10:30 am Unlocking Cannabinoid-based Drug Development: Combining High Quality APIs, Patient-centric Solutions & Expert Services to Strategically Address Market Challenges & Capitalize on Innovation Opportunities

DMPK: Balancing Potency, Metabolism, Efficacy & Dosage to Achieve Patient Safe & Compliant Cannabinoid Drugs

11:00 am Understanding Cannabinoid Disposition using Structure – Activity based Approaches for Predicting key DMPK Parameters

  • Guy Webber Preclinical Development Director, Alterola Biotech Inc.


  • Engineering molecules to reduce metabolic clearance

11:30 am Challenges in Cannabinoid-based Formulations from Development to Clinical Translation

  • Frantz Le Devedec Executive Vice President - Research & Product Development, Avicanna Inc.


  • Understand factors controlling cannabinoid absorption
  • Strategies to delivery cannabinoids for specific conditions
  • Stability and ingredients compatibility with cannabinoids
  • Scale up to manufacture

12:00 pm Lunch & Networking

12:15 pm Virtual presentation hosted during lunch: Chemical Probes & Their Relevance for Drug Discovery Programs Targeting the Endocannabinoid System

  • Uwe Grether Expert Scientist & Project Leader Medicinal Chemistry, Roche


  • Chemical probes are of utmost importance for bringing drugs from the laboratory through the clinic and ultimately to the market
  • Chemical probes support and affect all research and discovery phases
  • Examples of probes targeting the cannabinoid receptor type-2 (CB2R) and monoacylglycerol lipase (MAGL) will be highlighted

1:00 pm Challenges & Solutions for Testing Contaminants & Adulterants in Cannabis


  • A comprehensive approach to protecting the integrity of cannabis drug products and drug substances must include considerations and specifications for impurities – contaminants and adulterants
  • This presentation will provide recommendations for creating a thorough testing program to detect impurities in cannabis drug products and drug substances
  • We will discuss examples of testing methods that address monitoring and quantifying adulterants and contaminants that meet specified requirements

1:45 pm Improving Cannabidiol for Oral Solid Dosage form Drug Products


  • Improving solubility, dissolution and, absorption through co-crystallisation 
  • Data supporting improving bioavailability and potency of ART12.11 in chronic stress models measuring anxiety, sociability and, cognition 
  • Gaining composition of matter patent for CBD, how to achieve it and what it enables for R&D investment and exploration beyond orphan drugs and oral solutions 

2:15 pm Catalytic Synthesis of Cannabinoids


  • Kare ( is a technology company specializing in the development of new cannabinoid precursors that are efficiently converted into single component and pure cannabinoids using a catalyst
  • Our high throughput catalytic process is used to prepare CBD and THC, as well as the rare cannabinoids CBDV, THCV, CBDP, THCP, CBN and many more under mild conditions
  • The cannabinoid products are of high chemical and chiral purity and are identical to their plant-derived counterparts
  • Our technology enables stability of supply, low cost and control over quality and scalability

2:45 pm Afternoon Break & Networking

Evaluating Polypharmacy: Applications & Interactions of CBD to Disease States & Outcomes

3:30 pm Exploring the therapeutical effects of cannabinoid-derived compounds in multiple indications 

  • Hang Ma Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island


– Pharmacodynamic Study of Cannflavin A

– Study on Enhancing the Sustainability of Local Anesthetics with CBDV

– Pharmacodynamic Study of CBD in Oral and Skin Injuries

4:00 pm Scientific Rationale on the Combination of CBD & Statins


  • Discussing the synergy between CBD and Statins to prove the benefit and practicalities of how CBD associates with Statins
  • Detailing avoidance of mitochondrial oxidative stress, anti-inflammatory, and metabolic competitive inhibition through CBD with Statins

4:30 pm Evidence to Support CBD in Diseases of High Mortality: Rationale for Polypharmacy

  • Hunter Land Vice President, Research and Development, Biopharmaceutical Research Co.


  • In depth discussion of late breaking data comparing CBD isolate to cannflavins and cannabinoids used in combination in the Tau model of neurodegenerative disease
  • Rationale and evidence for the long-term use of cannabinoids use in diseases with high mortality
  • Analyzing the nuance of cannabinoid rational polypharmacy, "entourage vs non-tourage"

5:00 pm Panel Discussion: Drug-to-Drug Interactions in Combination with CBD

  • Hunter Land Vice President, Research and Development, Biopharmaceutical Research Co.
  • Guy Webber Preclinical Development Director, Alterola Biotech Inc.
  • Jim Smeeding R.Ph, MBA President and Co-founder, Indication BioScience LLC

5:20 pm End of Conference Day 1