Welcome to the 6th Cannabinoid-Derived Drug Development Summit: DPMK, Delivery, Bioavailability, Clinical Trial Design, Regulatory Pathways & More

Bridging the chemistry of CBD molecule engineering and formulation, with translational biology across in vitro and in vivo models, and the clinical reality of outcome measures and regulatory pathways; this biopharma exclusive Cannabinoid Drug Development forum was the best opportunity to crowd-source the CBD conundrum with industry peers.

What You Missed:

Standardizing tissue culture assays, exploring appropriate animal models, and understanding use AI and observational data to increase translational confidence of preclinical potency and tolerability data
Improved identification of DILI positive cannabinoid molecular structure in preclinical development to avoid liver toxicity in clinical trials, and crowdsource the latest DMPK insights across the industry to overcome rapid drug metabolism limiting in-human efficacy
Evaluating scientific rationale and preclinical evidence to support CBD in drug combination for diseases of high morbidity and mortality, and understanding industry’s experience on managing drug-drug interactions preclinically
Understand the skin as a prototypic translational organ and debate meaningful differences between delivery
methods, new CBD derivatives, and penetration enhancers to improve bioavailability
Crowdsource clinical decisions and evidence-based retrospections to minimize placebo effects, evaluate patient-reported, clinician-reported and objective outcomes, and align evidence-based medical education to support product launch

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What Your Peers Have to Say:

"The conference excelled in the intellectual rigor of most of the presentations and the quality of the audience participation"
Vice President, Regenerative Medicine, 3D-PharmXchange

"The conference theme was specific and appealed to researchers and companies that specialize in the field"
Co-Founder, President & Chief Technology Officer, Kamal Pharmachem

Great content, enjoyed hearing from people with practical experience sharing practical ideas
Senior Director, Clinical Development Operations & Specialty Medicine Lead, Abcam

"The conference was great - the location, the talks and speakers, the length of the conference, perfect size, everything was very well organized"
Vice President - Research & Development, 4C Biomed