Looking for new partners to overcome cannabinoid drug development bottlenecks? The expanding community of cannabinoid drug developers is always seeking new partners to help them with cannabinoid sourcing, procurement, storage and supply of high-quality APIs that meet regulatory needs. 

One size does not fit all – display your customized bioavailable systems to provide FDA approved stable and safe cannabinoid formulations. 

As a partner, you will have the exclusive opportunity to showcase your brand and connect with key stakeholders to contribute to the advancement of this rapidly evolving field. 

Put your services and your brand in front of the pre-clinical, translational, and clinical experts and ensure your services are central to their processes. From emulsion systems to delivery system technologies, clinical trial design strategizing, GMP bioprocessing design and laboratory start-up/optimization, no matter what your offering, we will work with you to ensure you capitalize on this opportunity. 

Experts Need Your Help With:

  • Sourcing, procuring, storage and supply of high-quality cannabinoid APIs
  • Customized bioavailable systems
  • Emulsion systems and delivery system technologies
  • Clinical trial design strategizing
  • GMP bioprocessing design
  • Laboratory start-up/optimization

And more!

Why Partner?


Meet the decision-makers who have steered their businesses to success, as well as key opinion leaders who have shaped the cannabis industry for decades.

Create a solid plan for your company that covers all areas of cannabinoid pharmaceutical development, including scientific, clinical, legal, commercial, and financial factors.

Hear about the latest clinical trials from the Avicanna, Jazz, Alterola, Auxilio, CanaQuest and more from a variety of disease areas, who are driving the field forwards with innovative compounds and a variety of common and unusual cannabinoids.

Who Will You Meet?

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