CONFERENCE DAY 1 | Tuesday, September 12

DMPK, Dosage, Bioavailability

7:00 am Registration Opens & Coffee

Lost in Translation: Overcoming the Barriers of in-vitro & in-vivo Action of Cannabinoid- Derived Drugs to Improve Efficacy

8:00 am Meaningful in vitro Data on Cannabinoids: Providing Value to Clinical Study Design

  • Jackie Lee Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Auxilio Pharmaceuticals


  • What is physiological and what’s not in cannabinoid research?
  • Discussing the gap between a therapeutic dose and a toxic dose in-vitro
  • Understanding the value of standardizing tissue culture assays for cannabinoids

8:30 am Designing Animal Models for Assessing Safety, Tolerability & Efficacy of Cannabinoids in Neurological Diseases

  • Mark Kindy Professor and Director, University of South Florida


  • Exploring appropriate animal models for drug testing
  • Testing of efficacy in animal models in neurological disease areas
  • Understanding the translational impact of animal model testing

9:00 am Rethinking the Approach to Advancing Cannabinoid-Based Drug Development: A Case Study of Musculoskeletal Pain & Inflammation

  • Karolina Urban Vice President - Scientific & Medical Affairs, Avicanna Inc.


  • Optimizing cannabinoid-based formulations for topical application
  • Challenges with current preclinical models and their translation to human experience
  • Using AI and observational data to determine the preclinical pathway

9:30 am Speed Networking


This session is the ideal opportunity to take advantage of face-to-face networking time and understand who is also prioritizing and overcoming challenges within cannabinoidderived drug development.

10:15 am Morning Break & Networking


Grab a coffee and buckle up for the next set of morning presentations. This networking session provides a unique offering of group activities to stimulate creativity, foster productivity and enable discussions amongst cannabinoid experts.

11:00 am Session Reserved for Brains Bio

DMPK: Balancing Potency, Metabolism, Efficacy & Dosage to Achieve Patient Safe & Compliant Cannabinoid Drugs

11:30 am Identification of Drug-Induced Liver Injury (DILI) Positive Cannabinoid Molecules

  • Guy Webber Preclinical Development Director, Alterola Biotech Inc.

12:00 pm Challenges in Cannabinoid-based Formulations from Development to Clinical Translation

  • Frantz Le Devedec Executive Vice President - Research & Product Development, Avicanna Inc.


  • Understand factors controlling cannabinoid absorption
  • Strategies to delivery cannabinoids for specific conditions
  • Stability and ingredients compatibility with cannabinoids
  • Scale up to manufacture

12:30 pm Lunch & Networking

12:45 pm Virtual presentation hosted during lunch: Chemical Probes & Their Relevance for Drug Discovery Programs Targeting the Endocannabinoid System

  • Uwe Grether Expert Scientist & Project Leader Medicinal Chemistry, Roche


  • Chemical probes are of utmost importance for bringing drugs from the laboratory through the clinic and ultimately to the market
  • Chemical probes support and affect all research and discovery phases
  • Examples of probes targeting the cannabinoid receptor type-2 (CB2R) and monoacylglycerol lipase (MAGL) will be highlighted

1:30 pm Roundtable: DMPK, Dosage & Translation: Cannabinoid Molecule Modifications to Achieve in Human Efficacy

  • Guy Webber Preclinical Development Director, Alterola Biotech Inc.


Despite significant preclinical potency, cannabinoid molecules exhibit fast drug metabolism and clearance in humans. Join these roundtables to discuss engineering molecules to slow drug metabolism, selecting the right preclinical model, and translationally representative dosage to maintain efficacy levels, to meaningfully progress towards patient compliant oral, once a day dosage regime.

  1. Selecting the Right Model to Overcome Low Bioavailability
  2. Designing Preclinical Investigations with Translatable Dosage & Delivery Mechanisms
  3. Engineering Molecules to Slow Drug Metabolism

2:30 pm Session Reserved for Kare Chemical Technologies

3:00 pm Afternoon Break & Poster Session


Submit, present and review data from across the CBD therapeutic field to get up to speed with pipeline progress beyond the presentations.

Evaluating Polypharmacy: Applications & Interactions of CBD to Disease States & Outcomes

4:00 pm Scientific Rationale on the Combination of CBD & Statins

  • Jim Smeeding President & Co Founder, Indication BioScience LLC


  • Discussing the synergy between CBD and Statins to prove the benefit and practicalities of how CBD associates with Statins
  • Detailing avoidance of mitochondrial oxidative stress, anti-inflammatory, and metabolic competitive inhibition through CBD with Statins

4:30 pm Evidence to Support CBD in Diseases of High Mortality: Rationale for Polypharmacy

  • Hunter Land Vice President - Research & Development, Biopharmaceutical Research Co.


  • In depth discussion of late-breaking data comparing CBD isolate to cannflavins and cannabinoids used in combination in the Tau model of neurodegenerative disease
  • Rationale and evidence for the long-term use of cannabinoids in diseases with high mortality
  • Analyzing the nuance of cannabinoid rational polypharmacy, "entourage vs non-tourage"

5:00 pm Panel Discussion: Drug-to-Drug Interactions in Combination with CBD

  • Hunter Land Vice President - Research & Development, Biopharmaceutical Research Co.
  • Guy Webber Preclinical Development Director, Alterola Biotech Inc.
  • Jim Smeeding President & Co Founder, Indication BioScience LLC

5:30 pm End of Conference Day 1